About tsaADVET:

Experience. Expertise. Technical Excellence. These qualities distinguish tsaADVET as a provider of Electronic Document Management (EDM) technologies and contribute to a perspective from which we can discern solutions that are comprehensive in design and well suited to a client's requirements.

Informed by our transformation from an engineering design firm to technology consultants and application software developers, we are skilled in identifying the challenges facing technology-driven enterprises.

Introduced in 1989, Falcon now provides enterprise-wide control over documents for some of the world's largest engineering organizations. In addition to application development, we have experience in the design, assembly, and installation of turn-key PC- and UNIX-based systems, network installation, and system and software training.

tsaADVET is committed to providing our customers with only the best solutions, technical consultation, and support necessary to assure optimum performance of our products and complete satisfaction with our services.

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