Google Maps API
The Caltrans and ODOT 'Google Maps Integration' links open examples of the Falcon/API integrated with the Google Maps API.
The CALTRANS Google Maps example demonstrates how a Facilities Management department in the Sacramento region would retrieve facilities-related documents for the listed stations with the Falcon/API.
The ODOT Google Maps example demonstrates how highway enigeers in the Columbus region would retrieve boring logs for the listed locations with the Falcon/API.
Base Map Demo
The 'Base Map' demo is an example of how a graphical 'front-end' integrates with FalconWeb4 using the Falcon/API.
Display Document
The 'Display Document' link demonstrates the integration of Falcon/Publisher and the Falcon/API to publish a specific document from a hyperlink. The published document is a MicroStation DGN file with six reference files. (This demo requires unblocking browser pop-ups.)
PDF|API Integration
The 'PDF | API Integration' link opens a PDF in which API calls are embedded. Clicking the highlighted buildings produces a search result listing the documents associated with each building.
GIS | Falcon/DMS Integration
These 'GIS Integration' links launch client-produced videos demonstrating the integration of GIS platforms and Falcon/DMS, using the Falcon/API.
State Agency
In 2005, the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Office of Geotechnical Engineering began the process of scanning approximately one million documents stored in a warehouse in Columbus. The internal and consultant-generated documents included boring logs, soil profiles, and geotechnical reports. This video describes ODOT's effort to make this Falcon-controlled information available through the DOT's GIS implementation.
In 2000, the Department of Public Utilities at the City of Columbus replaced its homegrown image management system with Falcon/DMS. This video describes the department's integration of Falcon with its GIS implementation.