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Civil: Sverdrup Civil, Inc. (Jacobs]

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In 1999, Sverdrup Civil was purchased by Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc., of Pasadena, California.

What do the 2002 Winter Olympics, Interstate 15, and the Falcon/DMS Electronic Document Management System have in common? More than one would think!

On March 26, 1997, the Utah Department of Transportation announced the award of a $1.4 billion contract to Wasatch Constructors for the reconstruction of Interstate 15 through Salt Lake City, the largest design-build project ever awarded by a state department of transportation. The design of this massive project is being led by a joint venture of Sverdrup Civil, Inc., and De Leuw, Cather & Co.

Any project of this size faces mammoth management challenges. To give you an idea of the scope, every piece of asphalt, concrete, and steel in the existing 17 miles of roadway will be replaced. Over 130 bridges will be replaced and seven interchanges will be completely reconfigured.

"Incident detection" cameras and variable message signs (and the fiber optic cable connecting them) will be installed the length of the project, and improved drainage systems and lighting will be installed. Access routes to the interstate will be improved throughout the city. The new pavement on I-15 will use enough concrete to build a sidewalk from Salt Lake City to Key West, Florida! And that's a lot of sidewalk.

The already-daunting tasks involved in the Interstate 15 project, however, are compounded by the schedule: The I-15 corridor must be completed by October 2001 in time for the Winter Olympics to be held in Salt Lake City in 2002. And a design project of this size with this compressed schedule means an incredible amount of documents and drawings to be managed.

tsaADVET is proud that Sverdrup has chosen the Falcon/DMS Electronic Document Management System to be an integral part of managing this exciting challenge. Initially, approximately 200 seats of Falcon/DMS will be installed strictly for the I-15 project. Sverdrup has been using the Falcon/DMS Electronic Document Management System in many of its offices for a number of years.

Why Falcon/DMS? There are a number of reasons. Falcon/DMS allows Sverdrup to have multiple remote sites working on the same project using one centralized Falcon/DMS database. In fact, Sverdrup used Falcon/DMS in the first phase of the I-15 corridor reconstruction project in its Seattle, Salt Lake, and Phoenix offices with the Seattle office housing the Falcon/DMS digital vault for the project.

Falcon/DMS handles MicroStation reference files (and also AutoCAD XREF files, although the AutoCAD XREF capability is not required for the I-15 project), and the optional Session Accounting module will allow Sverdrup to isolate various subcontractors' time spent on the job as well as time spent on InRoads files vs. MicroStation files. Another important factor is that the design team always knows the location and status of any original file within the Falcon/DMS environment no matter where that file is located.

In addition, Falcon/DMS is compatible with InRoads, an important consideration for Sverdrup in this design award. According to Larry York, Sverdrup's CADD Production Manager, "tsaADVET showed itself to be a true partner and team member by working closely with us over the past years and particularly during the first phase of the I-15 project." He continued, "We know we'll get the right support when we need it."

And that's what tsaADVET wants the Falcon/DMS Electronic Document Management System to be for you-the glue that holds together your entire EDMS solution. When you're watching the 2002 Winter Olympics in a few short years, remember that being able to witness "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" of the Olympic Games involves a lot more action than just the excitement, athleticism, and glamour you see on television. And if you're one of the lucky ones in Salt Lake City for the Games, as you're driving to the events using the new I-15 corridor, remember that Falcon/DMS played its part in making it all happen!